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Tiki Tovi Giant Inflatable Water Park

Unleash the giant waves of excitement with the Tiki Tovi Giant Inflatable Water Park from Treehouse Party Rentals, the only gargantuan, Tiki-inspired splash spectacle in Louisiana! Soaring to a sky-high 32 feet with a sprawling length of 53 feet, this mammoth water park is a thrill-seeker’s dream, complete with a massive bounce perch and a sprawling splash pad. It’s a colossal celebration of wet and wild fun, an unparalleled aquatic experience that’s sure to be the towering highlight of any event!

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Tiki Tovi Inflatable Water Park

Embark on an epic journey of aquatic fun with the exclusive Tiki Tovi Giant Inflatable Water Park, proudly presented by Treehouse Party Rentals and the only one of its impressive scale in Louisiana. This isn’t just an inflatable water slide; it’s a grandiose, splash-filled adventure that guarantees an exhilarating experience for all ages. The Tiki Tovi Water Park is a beacon of enjoyment, standing as a testament to towering fun and endless memories.

Here’s what makes the Tiki Tovi Water Park an unforgettable attraction:

  • Gigantic Dimensions: Experience the awe of the 32-foot height and a vast 53-foot length that dominate the landscape with their imposing presence.

  • Unique Tiki Theme: Get immersed in a tropical adventure surrounded by colorful Tiki totems that bring an exotic flair to your fun.

  • Massive Bounce Perch: Elevated 25 feet high at the very top of the water park, the bounce perch is the ultimate spot for kids and adults alike to leap and laugh against the backdrop of the sky.

  • Expansive Splash Pad: Over 650 square feet of splash pad await, offering a safe, soft, and exhilarating landing spot for sliders of all ages.

  • Exclusive to Louisiana: The Tiki Tovi Water Park is a singular attraction in the state, making it a must-visit for those seeking a distinctive and thrilling water adventure.

  • Ideal for Extraordinary Celebrations: Our Tiki Tovi Giant Water Park elevates any gathering into a splash-tastic event.

  • Picture-Perfect Memories: Capture the joy on everyone’s faces as they descend the slide or bounce high, creating memories that will be treasured and shared for years to come.

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